Radio Ministry

Stay Awake Radio

Stay Awake Radio is a ministry of Simple Faith Calvary Chapel. This radio show is hosted by Pastor Bill Henry and it is a show designed to keep you in the know with what is happening globally and how this ties in with the scriptures. Ultimately Pastor Bill's heart is to equip the saints to Stay Awake in the days we are living in as Jesus commanded us in Matthew 24:42.

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Radio Show times and locations:

Stay Awake Radio:
Portland (Oregon State): 93.9 FM KPDQ Thursdays at 2pm
Greeneville, TN: Truth-FM 91.1 Saturdays at 6pm

Simple Faith Calvary Chapel Sermons:
Portland (Oregon State): 93.9 FM KPDQ Saturdays at 7:30am & Sundays at 8:30am
Greeneville, TN: Truth-FM 91.1 Sundays at 12pm

Archived Radio Shows: