About our Services:

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday Mornings have 3 service times: 8:30am, 10am, & 11:30am.
Currently only the 10am & 11:30am services offer childcare, but starting 4/4/21, childcare will be available at all services.
Each service is about 60 minutes long.
We begin by opening with prayer and going into about 20-25 minutes of worship.
We then have announcements regarding different ministries and events happening in the fellowship as well as release the children to their classes.
After this, Pastor Bill begins teaching for about 30-35 minutes.
Lastly we close with a chorus.

Friday Night Prophecy Updates:

Once a month on the first Friday of every month online and live in person beginning at 7pm,. You can stream this on our livestream page or by simply following the link at the top of the page called "Watch Live" or join in person at the church.
During this time Pastor Bill dives into top stories on the news agencies and gives you fact checked stories to keep you in the know with what's really going on. He then takes these stories and shows you them in light of scripture to give you understanding, hope of the return of Christ, and tools on how to endure during these last days.

Wednesday Night:

Wednesday Night Service is at 7pm.
This service generally runs between 60-75 minutes.
Childcare is offered at this service.
We open with prayer.
We then have between 25-30 minutes of worship.
We have announcements and release the children to their class.
Pastor Bill teaches for about 35-45 minutes and then closes the service in prayer.

Teen Fellowship:

Teem Fellowship is for youth 13-18 years old (or until graduated from high school)
Justin Eldred takes the youth through books of the Bible, teaching them verse by verse and encouraging them in the things of the Lord.
There is a time of worship, time in the Word, and closing with time in fellowship with each other.